There’s no doubt, I’m a routine guy. I’m pretty locked in with what I do from the time I wake up until I hit the sheets at night. This consistency helps me focus on what is important to me. Otherwise, I have a tendency of getting side-tracked.

However, I also recognize the importance of doing new and different things in order to expand your mind, meet new people, see new places, etc. There can be a real beneficial shift in your perspective when you get yourself out into this big wide world of ours.

I’ve always liked the idea of scheduling time to be spontaneous. It sounds a bit counterintuitive I know, but having a specific time scheduled when you can do new activities can also be extremely liberating. You can fully engage in the moment, knowing you have thoughtfully opened up your schedule to enjoy this time.

These breakout sessions can be a game-changer when it comes to letting your foot off the gas (routine) and discovering not only new places and new people, but also a new part of yourself you didn’t know was in there.