As we navigate ourselves through the day with TV, social media and the internet, we are bombarded with “news” and “stories” we are to assume are relevant and important to our well-being and in order to remain current on the events around us. However, not much of that is true.

The reality is it has become more of a challenge to remain focused on our intentions, connecting with others and not getting caught up in the narcissistic perspective that comes with today’s screen time content.

And so the work continues . . . to daily face the fears of our own worth, self-esteem and moral compass – these are the choices that can be easily ignored to justify our need to “fill” ourselves with unfulfilling content as we view away minute by minute, hour by hour and days away only find ourselves craving more.

Instead let’s stop the cycle and get back to our centers. Let’s Love ourselves as we are in this moment. Let’s connect with others by listening and not spouting our expertise. Let’s allow ourselves to be wrong. To be a novice. To earn the respect of others. Let’s empathize. Let’s do more listening. Let’s come from a place of Love.