I seem to keep returning to the idea of how we view our world and our perspective of it. As it directly influences our response to what happens to us in life, as well as how people respond to us. It’s all connected.

Over time, I have come to realize the color of the lens you choose to view the world through makes all the difference. I’ve seen people go through similar experiences and come away with two totally opposing views and attitudes afterward. One person comes away from the situation grateful for the experience and learned to grow from it, where the other person found it an opportunity to feel powerless and overwhelmed.

I don’t ever want to judge other people’s life experiences as I don’t feel that to be fair. I do know we are faced with numerous choices throughout the day – especially on how we respond to what has happened to us – and I would like to think I choose the path less traveled.

After all, saying, “This is great! This is really bitchin’!” is much more powerful than losing it, feeling victimized or blaming others.

That is GREAT!