For me, this is the question for the ages. And not one I can answer quickly.

Pulling apart the braided strands of my upbringing as a child by my parents, past life experiences that eventually led to a belief structure, to social expectations, peer influence, etc. can be a sticky business.

One of the only ways I can bring clarity to the question is by determining what is important to me. What brings me joy? What fills me up? How do I want to be remembered? What is my legacy?

One of my close friends passed away a few years ago. She was diagnosed with Ovarian cancer and did her best to beat it. While working on manifesting perfect health through various methods, she said the one good thing cancer brought her was clarity. In only just a few moments, she knew exactly what was most important to her: Her spouse, her son and then her work.

Clarity is power no doubt, but still doesn’t answer the question. It helps, but there’s more work to be done.

Who am I?