The definition of a renegade is someone who rejects lawful or conventional behavior.

I’m all for rejecting conventional behavior as we need to do what we need to do in order make our own dent in the world. That’s different for everyone.

We must entertain the idea of coloring outside the lines for us to reach new horizons. Pristine frontiers. It certainly won’t be done by replicating what others have already done in the past.

It is a knowing deep within- not a recklessness or unlawful acts that bring about the unconventional style. There is a difference.

It all comes from the intention of what we’re working to accomplish. This is where we pull from. Here are where the answers lie.

Others may judge our behavior and call us names, but that’s not our business and never will be. But, it’s the price you have to pay being different.

A renegade.