Watching the sun dip into the ocean after a long walk on the beach with your loved one. Sharing memories with close friends and family while eating a homecooked meal on a warm summer night. Holding your child in your arms while she sleeps on your shoulder after a day at the park.

What are these life experiences worth to you? What if you knew you could only have one of these. Would it be more valuable to you? Would you cherish the moment more because you know it’s a rare occurrence? Most definitely.

Striking a balance between finding the value in moments vs. tempering our energy for the “long haul” has always been tricky for me. Sometimes, I can get overwhelmed with emotion due to the intensity of the situation. It’s as if I can see the value in this very moment and know how precious it is to me.

Walking this fine line of processing our intense life experiences – good and not so good – and moving forward with everyday tasks and responsibilities is a journey I assume to walk the rest of my life.

That’s okay. It’s worth it.