There was a scene in the movie “A.I.” (2001) directed by Steven Spielberg where the main character – a young boy – had the opportunity to spend one day with a loved one who had passed away years prior. The rules were simple: He wasn’t allowed to mention anything in regards to her being “brought back” from the other side to have this time together and he had just one day. No more, no less.

He chose to spend it with his Mom and I was quite touched with the simplicity and tenderness of the montage. The two spent the day doing various activities around their high-rise home; baking in the kitchen and having conversation, playing board games while enjoying each other’s company and then finally with her tucking him in for bed after reading a story together.

Spielberg was able to capture how precious these moments he had with his Mother, even if they were simple activities.

I often reflect about what I would chose to do if I had just one day with a loved one who has passed. I think it would be very similar to the film. Being with someone you care about deeply and just connecting with them while engaging in the most basic activities that both of you enjoy.

On those days when I’m feeling like a victim of my circumstances, I do my best to take pleasure in the most simple activities with those who I love and care for in order to ground myself and re-calibrate my perspective so I can find gratitude where I am in this moment.