Glory be to those who have little to nothing.

Glory be to the ones that have been and continue to be persecuted and oppressed from anyone including their own leaders and/or people in power positions.

Glory be to the ones who seek to give unto others and enrich this world with their love and kindness.

Glory be to those who teach, guide and lead others to be the best versions of themselves.

Glory be to those in our country who strive to learn, grow and evolve in order to understand the dynamics and viewpoints of others so that we can have meaningful conversations with people who have opposing points of view.

Glory be to those who listen in order to understand and don’t feel the urgent need to speak so they can feel understood.

Glory be to the artists who look to inspire others through their medium.

Glory be to the caregivers who consistently deal with those in pain, who are suffering, as well as the elderly.

Glory be to the ones who make us laugh.

Glory be to our blue pearl suspended in the blackness of space and all the souls who live upon it.