If I only knew then what I know now.

One question I find myself asking repeatedly is: how do we know what we don’t know? We find out once we know. A more practical answer I’ve come up with is to Seek It.

Much of what I’ve learned has been because of life experiences and what I’ve personally gone through. Those lessons will never be forgotten. But, what if we can discover gems of knowledge in areas where we know almost nothing about?

My response again would be to Seek it out and learn more.

I once heard Will Smith say that there is no reason why we cannot go to the library or a bookstore and not find a book about a problem we may be going through because more than likely someone else on this planet has gone through the same thing at one point in time or another and someone took it upon themselves to write about it.

Therefore, all the knowledge we could ever want is out there in this big beautiful world. We just need to go out with energetic curiosity and find it.

Let’s go!