I’m always fascinated about the universe and how it works. I’m a true believer in whatever you put into your day you’ll get out of it. Maybe not in a linear fashion, but certainly a response you’ll receive.

Often times I’ll test the parameters of its’ laws just to marvel at its’ infallible conclusions.

What we focus on becomes our reality. Or said another way, where we place our energy magnifies. Having this being said, we can pick and choose what we would like to attract into our lives that day.

If we say to ourselves that we’re going to look for opportunities to help others. Guess what? You will. You’ll find opportunities to fulfill your desire and contribute to the world around you. If you decide to find a way to knock out 100 pushups throughout the day before the sun sets. You will do that too. As well as if you choose to write down everything that you’re grateful for in your day, you’ll have a grocery list of items by nightfall.

These may seem like minor wins, but it’s a testament to how much potential we have each and every day to change the way we view our world, which in turn changes how our world looks and our place within it.