When it comes to my professional life, I don’t like to brag nor do I guarantee my work is going to be “perfect.” Some of it is my reluctance to put myself on the hook no doubt, but also there’s a small part of me that doesn’t want to jinx something that hasn’t come.

Maybe that’s a bit crazy or it’s my excuse not to commit to our finished product because I feel I can’t live up to the kind of quality it takes to get to the top. And the responsibility which comes with it.

Why is it then, that I have the fear of looking like a snake oil salesman when talking with a potential client about the quality of our product? It goes back to this: my track record.

We’re able to speak about ourselves and our work when we have proof (to the client as well as ourselves) we’ve done it before. When we’ve had past clients who have shared how happy they are with the finished product it solidifies our beliefs as well.

Enough of these experiences, we no longer feel like a charlatan, but a professional who churns out quality work.