One aspect of my evolvement I’ve recently decided to focus on is the development and honing of my intuition. My gut. My instincts.

This is something I feel many of us overlook, ignore or are unable to sense due to the jarring noise and distractions around us every day. We couldn’t hear our intuition if it had a bullhorn.

I’ve utilized it before – actually numerous times. Some of those moments have come in times where there was risk of bodily harm and other situations were much less immediate – such as a decision I needed to make. Nevertheless, I felt it within. I sensed it.

It’s a credible navigating tool for me I take for granted way too much. Sometimes it’s easier for me to ignore it as I don’t want to take path less traveled, which is often the case.

But, I’m willing to bet that even though it may be the more challenging road, it’s probably what’s best for me in the long run.