Evidently I feel the need to explain what this blog is for and why I continue to write it.

First of all, I really have no idea if ANYONE has read the last 1 1/2 years of material I’ve put forth here. Although my ego tells me “You’re changing lives with all of your wisdom.” I haven’t heard one piece of feedback. Maybe that’s how it should be.

The purpose of these musings was to get into the habit of writing on a daily basis. And rather than jotting down stream of conscious thoughts on notebook paper (morning pages), I decided to take a leap of faith, do these and go public. To practice the craft of writing and also speak of things that have meaning to me.

Self-awareness, personal development, learning, growing and evolving is important to me. My desire to be the best version of myself has always captured my attention. And although I’ve had some successes in my life, I’ve had many more failures/learning experiences that were quite painful and can still be difficult to reflect upon to this day. Mostly because I feel I didn’t give a full effort to what I was doing at the time. If I ever had any regrets, this is where they lie.

I would like to think everything I write is original and quite brilliant, but the truth is – it’s stolen material form everywhere and anywhere I can find it and re-packaged on a some-what fancy website (template) in perfectly justified paragraphs with mediocre humorous remarks sprinkled throughout. Then again, I think most material is stolen from the greats who came before us. Whether it’s Kobe Bryant stealing from Michael Jordan or The Duffer Brothers stealing from Steven Spielberg, we all stand on the those who came before us. Period. I don’t have a problem with it, but I just want to get clear on that.

I’ve always felt that having a mentor – or someone who has been through it before – is such a tremendous help in order to avoid common pitfalls and dead-end roads. If I can provide ANY sort of insight in this area that helps one person along the way, then I would say this blog is worth it. If not, then that’s fine too. At least I’m showing up on the page and taking a risk.

It’s better than a stick in the eye.

Happy reading.