Before social media and before the idea of “liking” something was tapping a heart emoji on a video or photo of someone we may not even know, we would like things we felt open to. We connected with something or a person. We took a chance and opened ourselves up.

When we choose to like a TV show, we “buy in” and give ourselves over. The same with saying out loud, “I like this person.” We are committing to a decision – we’re cutting off other options. We could always change our minds, but at that moment in time we made a commitment to ourselves and possibly another person in which we followed up with actions that support our declaration.

Nowadays, with so much cancel culture and judgement on and offline, we seem to straddle the line hoping to appease each and every perspective, person, group, faction and political party. It’s okay if someone else doesn’t agree with us. We’ll survive. They will too.

Make a decision to like a person and their company because they treat you with kindness and respect. Go out on a limb and choose to like green tea ice cream because you like the taste of it. Who cares what any one else thinks. It’s not about them anyway.

Just like it!