I realize this questions can sound confrontational right from the beginning – and often is under the context it’s used these days – but quite often we do get a bit too concerned about other people and what they’re doing. Hence, the question above.

Point being, we can always spend more time focusing on our own process and progress rather than distracting ourselves while getting into other people’s business.

Most of the time we do this to get out of facing our own issues, as it’s always easier to point our finger at other’s rather than admit to our own inadequacies. It’s even more challenging to not only admit to them, but to do something about it. Why? Because it’s much easier to NOT take responsibility for our own lives and continue to live out our lives as victims. Then we can blame the rest of the world and never have to be accountable for what we’re able to accomplish in life. Why? Because it’s the circumstances, other people, the world around us. It’s not us that’s the problem. It’s everyone/everything BUT us that’s the problem.

Hmm. How’s that working?

I imagine it’s working fine if that’s the type of life you intend to lead, but if you want a life of accountability and evolvement – a true growing of the self – then we have to take 100% responsibility for everything in our lives and stop worrying about what our neighbor is doing and/or thinking.

This is why I care.