In my quest to quiet the constant chatter in my mind, and to learn more about how my mind works, I’ve taken up meditation for several years now. For the past several months I’ve been a subscriber to Sam Harris’ app called “Waking Up.” This has been extremely beneficial to me as he has guided meditations as well as mid-day reminders, tips and session spotlights that discuss different topics, reminders and ideas to stay mindful throughout the day.

One of the reminders he discussed was about adjusting our levels to what benefits us. This could be any level: gratitude, joy, Love. And it really is just a matter of taking the time to stop and take a moment to take inventory of how you’re feeling at that time and to focus on turning up the dials of each and every one of those levels. And it works! I tried it myself.

If we want to feel more gratitude, then go through a list of things you’re grateful for in this moment. If you want to be more joyful, then focus your attention on what brings joy to your life in this moment. Is it really that easy? Yes!

As we’ve discussed before, what we focus on becomes our reality. Find a way to adjust your dials to the level you intend.

Why not?!