When we get excited about the mundane, the repetitive and the daily tasks, we’re forming a habit – a structure/template where we can build the foundation for our success.

It’s not magical. It’s not complicated. It’s actually quite simple. Clear and effective tasks repeated over and over and over again that will take us in the direction of where we want to go.

The most difficult part of it is how easy it is to not do the small things on a daily basis that will eventually get you the results you intend. Why? Because they are so small – what we believe to be so insignificant, that we don’t do them.

And here is where we begin our drift. We loose our focus because we’re unable to continue over time the tasks long after our attention and our excitement have waned.

If we can stick with it long enough before giving up, we will begin to see the fruits of our labor. But, if we quit too early, we come to believe it was just a waste of our time.

And here is where patience comes into play for us. Let’s not give up just yet. Let’s stick with it just a bit longer. It’ll be worth it.