It’s easy for me to lose my perspective in life. All it takes is a moment to steer off track and focus on what’s going on in someone else’s lane that has nothing to do with where I’m going.

It’s my own fault and here’s why: I compare my life to someone else’s and that is completely unfair and flawed for so many reasons: First of all, we are going through what we need to go through when we need to go through it. Why would we ever think our lives are interconnected with another person’s success or lack thereof? To envy someone else is to stop believing in ourselves and our journey. It’s allowing our ego to make our decisions and cut off our intuitiveness and connection to others. It’s selfish and fearful. And focusing our energies in the absolute opposite place of where we should be directing our attention.

Not to worry. We can begin again. It’s that simple. We can reset ourselves and our perspective by focusing our energies in a place where we can once again feel the gratitude and humility of where we are in this precise moment. Whether its’ our health, our family, friends, home, job or the power of our free will, we can choose to find something in our lives to be grateful for.

Following the “social norms” or “keep up with the Jones'” is a risky game and one that I would rather not play. And so I won’t. Nobody should.