We decided to head up to the mountains this last weekend and hit the slopes. We weren’t sure about the weather, but decided to take a chance anyway. I guess the truth is, I took several chances, if not many. Maybe we all do.

First of all my truck’s transmission is on the fritz – I decided to take it anyway. My tires are in dire need of being replaced as they are almost down to the “wear bars” – I took it anyway. The forecast was for high winds and snow mixed with rain because it wasn’t going to be cold enough for the fluffy stuff – We gave it a go anyway.

When we got up there the winds were blowing hard with gusts up to 45 mph. Because it wasn’t quite cold enough, it felt like bb’s hitting your face when you stepped outside of the car. We geared up and strapped in anyway.

We pushed through and rode extremely slow chairlifts that blew us sideways while riding them and took way too long to get to the top. The snow was soft and heavy and I couldn’t hold an edge.

By the time lunchtime came, our clothes were soaking wet and it felt like we’d all been in a rain storm.

We ate something hot and called it quits.

Am I glad I went? Of course! Without a doubt.

It’s better than a stick in the eye.