I just learned something new today!

Kanter’s Law, which basically states, “everything in the middle looks messy.”

Everyone loves new beginnings and is motivated to start anew with high expectations and infinite energy. But, then we begin to reach the middle of the journey where the tires fall off, the car is on fire and we want nothing more than to give up and walk away from the disaster.

This is when most people give up. But, to realize that it’s going to be like that most of the time in the middle when we embark on a attaining a big goal and putting ourselves to the test, we can move through it knowing it’s just part of the learning/discovery process.

It’s not going to be clean or perfect. So, let’s not plan on it. Expect it to get messy. And that’s okay. Accept it.

Embrace the process instead. And continue on.

Believe it or not, it will come together. But, not unless we embrace the mess.