It always resonated with me when I hear people talk about attracting what we want into our lives by becoming the person we intend to be.

Another words, in going after something that’s important to us – a goal, a certain level of accomplishment, etc. – it is more about the person we become in that process that ultimately brings the intention into fruition.

I know that’s a subtle difference in the way we view how we move forward, but I thought it was enough to mention, as for me, it makes a difference.

One example would be: If I want complete a marathon under a certain time, I’m going to have to become a person who trains consistently, eats well and passes on the junk food in order to have the energy to tackle the daily requirements, as well as someone who gets enough sleep at night and take the time stretch, roll-out and hydrate my body to keep it in top condition. I’m also going to have to learn discipline over time. That person looks very different from the one who decided to run a marathon for the first time.

I believe this is why we do these things. It’s not because we want to share with our family and friends our time on a digital display when we crossed the finish line, or a trophy, but the person we became in the process. Who, is indeed different than the one before.

We become someone who we may not have experienced before at a time when we didn’t think we could do it.

That’s exhilarating. That’s powerful.