As I’ve said so many times before, I love to grow. Learn new things and push the boundaries of my body and mind while on this earth on a daily basis. I do my best, sometimes of course, more than others, but one thing I’m always attracted to when it comes to encountering other people – and an aspect of myself I would love to be more consistent with – is Glowing.

I love to be around people that Glow. Glow in spirit. Glow with excitement. Glow with gratitude and Glow with joy. People who Glow with happiness and Glow with curiosity. People who Glow with positive vibes and Glow from patience.

It’s akin to a superhero being dipped into a concoction giving them superpowers: Glow juice! Packed with Love and a fervor for life itself.

Introduce me to that pool where I can bath in the beauty of these revitalizing waters so I may share my beacon of Love with everyone I come into contact.

I just want to Glow.

So, let’s GLOW!