When we get to be middle-aged, we tend to pile up the birthday celebrations behind us like spent ink cartridges from our prior 3 office and 7 home printers.

The best gift I’m able to give to myself on my special day is my own reminder to remain in the present. As I recently celebrated my birthday, there are two things I did my best to embrace: Time and Place.

There’s nothing I can do about my current age. Secondly, I am where I am. It sounds quite elementary, but these are truths that remain so. If I want to change my place, then that is something I can change. My age I cannot.

So, what can we do? Move our feet and change our scenery if we’re not happy in this place.

But, let’s not deny where we are, because it’s the truth. However, if you want to change it, by all mean let’s do it!

While in the process remaining absolutely present in the moment.