Often times, I could benefit from a shift in my perspective or how I’m currently viewing my place in the world in order to flip the view of my glass from half empty to half full.

I would say that comes from the template we choose to hold up next to our current life.

Even though we don’t benefit from it, we will compare ourselves with the uber-elite – the filthy rich, the extremely successful and the top 10% of the world. Why?

Out of 195 countries in the world, we were born and live in the richest one. Not only that, we – although by no means perfect – live in a democratic country where we’re free to criticize our government without being thrown in prison. We can vote. We have many natural resources we can utilize to have a thriving economy, etc.

Another words, how can we ever think that what we have in comparison to 90% of the rest of the world is less than.

We don’t. I just think we forget sometimes. That’s okay.

We just need a little gratitude calibration. There. That’s better.