I’ve heard that it can be determined whether you will be ‘successful’ or not is by watching someone’s behavior for a day.

It would make sense as we are our habits.

Whenever I see someone who I deem to be an avid runner on the streets, I’m amazed at how muscular and toned their legs and calves are.

I used to say to myself, “they have such great legs, they don’t have to run any more.” But, that is exactly why they look the way they do. Because there are no days off. It has become a habit for them and most likely will never quit running on a consistent basis.

As a result of that habit, they have fantastically strong and muscular legs.

This goes for anything we do on a consistent basis. As well as, the opposite direction. If we choose to eat cake everyday we will become over weight and out of shape.

So, it’s important for us to be conscious of what do repeatedly day in and day out.

Let’s choose to do the right activities rather than the things that are going to hold us back and be less than the best of ourselves.

Right? After all, we are what we do in a day.

Who are you?