No seriously. What are you talking about?

The weather? Your neighbor across the street? Your boss?

Things you can’t do anything about or things you can.

We can get stuck in a groove where we are surrounded by our own and other people’s negative, useless and unproductive conversations.

Why? it makes us feel better. It’s a justification for not taking responsibility.

Maybe we can increase our awareness of what we talk about in a day. Who we surround ourselves with. The questions we ask ourselves. The conversations we have with others.

Are we complaining about others? The circumstances? What someone else has done to us or how they made us feel?

These are all excuses for not taking 100% responsibility for our lives. And until we do, we will continue to play the victim.

Is this how we want to live out our lives in the best version of ourselves as possible?

I’m not so sure. I think there’s greatness in each and everyone of us just waiting to be discovered and cultivated.

And yes that can be frightening.