I’m constantly fascinated how certain people have the knowledge, capacity and are able to develop the habits in order to be extrememly successful in one area of their lives, but yet so completely uneducated in another.

Balance in their lives is a large part of it, but what I don’t understand is how they allow that balance to remain. For example, someone who has a multi-million dollar business, but is unable to sustain a healthy marriage befuddles me.

Surely, this individual has sought and attained the knowledge in order to gain insight and strategies on how grow and sustain his business. In addition, he’s surrounded himself with high-performing people in order to help him/her get to a place of success.

How can they be so blind as not to see what it takes to have a successful relationship with their partner? Is it a choice? Surely they have the resources in order to model a more functional relationship. Is it just the desire – or lack thereof.

Maybe it’s just not a priority for them. I’m not quite sure.

Success in life is having a well-balanced life in all areas of our lives. Or at least I would think so. I know it feels that way for me.

If I’m not getting the results I intend to have in one aspect of my life, I better go find someone who is and get some insight in order to model their behavior and learn the ropes.

If not, get used to this view.