There’s no proof other than my own life experiences, but I’ve always remained steadfast in the belief that we all have a small voice within giving us the direction we need to head – guiding us – no matter what the circumstance.

Often times, we allow the distractions of the world, other people and even our own minds to drown out the sage advice we are giving ourselves.

Maybe we don’t trust what we’re hearing and/or feel confident we’re going to take the right path. But, I would argue – who is going to know your journey and what you’re capable of more than you?

The answer is no one. But that can be frightening. It is for me at times.

And the only way I’ve found to push through that fear is addressing it head on and pressing forward by trusting what we’re hearing and feeling.

Life experiences is what brings about wisdom not the contemplation of life.

So, let’s listen and live.