Just as there is in farming and many other cyclical events, there are seasons in our lives as well.

There’s a time for cultivation. There’s a time for planting. There’s a time to nurture – feed and water. There’s a time for maintenance by clearing weeds so as not to choke the crop. There’s a time for patience to allow growth and maturity in order to have a quality crop and then of course there is a time to harvest what we’ve worked so hard to produce.

We must be able to recognize about ourselves – not only where we are in this repetitious cycle – but what we need to maximize our growth. This happens when we are clear with our capabilities. We can only discover this by testing our boundaries and pushing the limits of what we’re able to do by going out of our comfort zones and be willing to fail.

When we know that, we’re then able to apply the strategies necessary to maximize our growth as individuals.

The better we know ourselves (the crop) the better we can identify what is needed in order to move forward for intended results (a better yield).