There is a quote that speaks volumes for me from Darren Hardy that states, “You don’t get in life what you want, you only get in life what you are.”

It makes perfect sense to me and puts to rest these illusions we may subscribe to that we’re going to win the lottery and everything else will be down-hill and a coast to the bottom.

If you aren’t someone who has a mindset of financial abundance and you do win the lottery, it’s going to evaporate quickly for you. These stories are a dime a dozen for past winners.

The other reason it resonates with me is because it simplifies what we need to focus on. Rather than worrying about the economy, the interest rates, your particular industry’s market or what anyone else is doing or not doing, we can focus on the person we are becoming.

Are we learning, growing and evolving consistently in the areas we want to improve and see results.

If not, then maybe we should ask ourselves: What am I?