If we’re not careful, we can end up being a reflection of the world around us – a reaction to it – rather than an unique beaming light brilliantly glowing the truth of who we are.

Time/life/people can so easily do that to us over the years, if we allow it. It’s the persistent, the idealists, the madmen and women, the creators, the artists, the sage, the aware – who refuse to compromise. Who decline to walk the path more traveled, but instead blaze their own no matter how thick the brush, how long the journey or burdensome it may be.

It’s the perpetual flame within that guides them to their ultimate destiny. Certainly, not from what the pundits claim to sell seats, gain raving reviews or accumulate likes. It’s in the quiet stillness where the whispers of their heart confide in them their deepest hopes, dreams and desires. As fragile and ludicrous as they may be.