It goes without saying I suppose, but any sort of planning brings miles of productive tasks/habits down the road.

Whether that be planning a healthy lunch the night before to take to work in order to stick with our plan to shed some pounds or putting together our running schedule for the week so we can accumulate the miles we want in order to move closer to the goal of hitting our time in the half-marathon in 4 months.

It’s the most unglamourous part of the whole process – at least it is for me. But, it can give us so much momentum before we even begin moving our bodies.

This is something I’m constantly working on and refining, but when I do, I find that I’m so much better prepared for what is coming and increase my success rate of following through by 5X.

It’s not complicated. In fact it’s so mundane sometimes that we convince ourselves it doesn’t matter.

But, it does.