Staying committed to the process rather than tethering ourselves to results can be quite challenging. However, it may be our ticket to sanity and a well-rounded life in the long run.

It’s difficult because we must disassociate ourselves with an outcome and focus on the process of learning, which involves a whole lot of (I have no other way of saying it) failure.

This is where it gets a bit tricky. After all, our society is based on results and where we fall in the overall results. Our kids’ GPA’s, athletic programs, stock market, business entities bottom line, league championships, job promotions, etc. Everyone is racing to finish ahead of someone or something else.

However, maybe – just maybe, we can commit ourselves to gaining knowledge through experiences in our chosen field and only that – rather than worrying about where we land in comparison to others.

Although it may feel like we’re throwing in the towel in the grand rat race of life, we’re actually investing in ourselves and our commitment to gaining wisdom in the long-haul.

Maybe this is where the true value resides. Not finishing first.