What does it take to feel alive?

Before we answer with a response that most-likely will be categorized as ‘good.’ Such as, being out with friends on the town having the time of my life – which, no doubt would fall into this category. Let’s refrain from defining the experience as either good or bad.

I certainly know I feel alive when running 13 miles. Or doing an ab workout or going through a real crisis situation with friends or family. Are those good? Or bad?

My point is this; there are numerous ways to feel alive if we’re open to what life brings us no matter what it is.

Rather than having unrealistic or delusional expectations hoping that everything in our lives will be good and somehow we can avoid ‘painful’ moments, let’s try to embrace what comes our way and genuinely feel where we are in the present moment.

There’s an ebb and flow to life. It’s impossible to only experience one side of the pendulum swing. ‘Good’ or ‘bad.’

Maybe we can focus on feeling alive instead.