I recently read a detailed account of an adventure a friend had written when we had a grand excursion together. It was quite ambitious, but not an impossible task. Nor were we breaking any records.

However, there was several months of training involved. There was planning. There was excitement and anticipation. And of course, there were expectations from both of us.

As I look backed on the experience, I had a certain perspective about how the adventure went down. Then I read his account of it.

It’s always fascinating to me the moment we are instantly teleported into a different perspective. It’s akin to when you’re in a guided meditation and the guide asks you to observe the observer. He explains it as if someone who is watching someone through a window from the outside at night is suddenly caught by someone behind him.

I say this because it completely shifts the view of my experience in an instant. All of the sudden I have gained a large amount of information I hadn’t had before. It was very clear to me that my friend had his own expectations, opinions, experience and perspective of our expedition.

Even though my ego may have taken a few shots after reading his account, I was grateful to be able to have my mind opened to what I didn’t have access to before. It filled in some of my blind spots in order to create – maybe a more – true picture of what went down and more importantly, I was able to learn more about myself.

For that, I’m grateful.