It can be easy to slip into a pattern where we feel 95% of our choices have already been made for us before our feet even hit the floor rolling out of bed in the morning.

But, that couldn’t be farther from the truth and I have to remind myself multiple times throughout a day of that being true.

Every new moment is an opportunity to choose; Choosing Love instead of fear and hate. Patience instead of frustration. Kindness over anger. Warmth towards others instead of remaining isolated. Hope for a better tomorrow instead of dread and despair.

We can choose to give to others and connect rather than feeling sorry for ourselves and remaining a victim. We can choose to take responsibility for our lives instead of blaming others. Or re-invent ourselves in order to bring more passion and love to the kind of work we’re spending 40+ hours a week doing.

We can choose to take pride in every task we engage in throughout the day and make it matter to us.

Nothing is written. And all things are possible.

The choice is ours to make.