I don’t do it nearly enough, but I love sending out thank you cards. It certainly has evolved over time.

I used to think only old people did that. Well, either I’m old or I’ve changed my ways. Probably a little of both.

A friend of mine set up an informal meeting with a successful business that we’re both interested in getting a closer look at how it operates as they produce a great product we can both benefit from. The owner of the business graciously took an hour out of his day to personally walk us through their shop answering every one of our questions and more.

It was an absolute treat for both of us and was the highlight of my day.

He definitely deserved a thank you card in order for me to express my appreciation and shower him with some Love acknowledging his efforts. And I felt fantastic dropping that in the mail as I was inspired to be able to further our connection.

I know he will feel my heart-felt appreciation and I get a little giddy thinking of it.

And if he doesn’t, oh well. I felt great writing it. And, I’ll do it again. And again. And again.