It comes up often in my life when I find myself saying, “I wish I knew this before.”

I look back on past experiences whether in my professional or my personal life and realize how much work/pain/strife I could have avoided had I known more at the time. But, such is life. This is how learn, grow and evolve.

Often kids (including my own) and adults today only want to engage in activities they are already good at doing. I understand, because no one wants to flail, but we’re missing the big picture: the process of knowing. Learning. Gaining wisdom.

We may be able to life-hack some things in our lives, but certainly not everything. Certainly not the wisdom where we have had to go through an experience shedding blood, sweat or tears.

The best way to get into the knowing is simple, but not many choose to do it; 1. Drop your ego. 2. Shut your mouth. 3. Open your ears. 4. Observe others who have come before you and had success. 5. Repeat.