Can we be okay with where we are in this moment? Knowing the endless lists that need to be addressed. Can we allow all of our future expectations, fears and past mistakes to pass – to dissolve and just embrace this moment for what it is? I think so.

It may take a bit of mental work – or maybe it’s just as easy as making a decision to let go. It could be as easy as having the self-awareness to realize nothing is ever going to be perfect in our lives. That’s part of of it.

The truth is there is nothing binding us to our past mistakes no more than we are bound to unresolved conversations or projects in the future. We have the power within us to cut ourselves free from the guilt of unattained goals and frustration and anxiety that comes with future plans.

We may be EXACTLY where we need to be in this moment. And if we’re not, telling ourselves as much may not be a bad idea either. Because the truth is this: we ARE EXACTLY where we need to be. Why? Because that’s where we are and hoping/wishing to be somewhere else only makes us anxious.