Over the years, I’ve come to learn that the world isn’t going to slow down for me no matter what. The good news is it doesn’t slow down for anyone. It wasn’t just me. Call me a slow learner, but I used to wish for blocks of time – days even – when I could ponder over the elements of my next project I was taking on or obstacle I faced, while the world waited patiently on pause for my reply. Uhhhh, yeah.

Here’s what I learned: Go!

As I’ve said before and I do subscribe to even today; the details are in the doing. Not the pontificating of doing. Doing. Go. Get started. Get going. It’s going to be messy, chaotic – even ugly at times. Such is life.

We can adjust our methods along the way. If we don’t get the results we’re looking for then we can build it different the next time. If a more effective strategy presents itself with less time, then we’ll implement it on the next go around. But let’s keep moving our feet.

What if the speed with which we respond and create a “less-than” perfect product or service is more important than taking the time to perfect them before releasing them to the public?