Even though it appears as if we long to be lone-wolf’s in this world, whether that’s through non-conformance, standing out of a crowd or the desire to go the opposite direction of the masses, in the end it’s the connection with others that seems to fulfill us all.

What good is winning a race or accomplishing a goal if you have no one to share your joy with.

So many of us seem to have goals that don’t include anyone else but ourselves, and there’s nothing wrong with that. But I know from my past experiences, it’s the sharing of the news with loved ones where I find most of my thrill.

No doubt, we can feel accomplished and gain confidence in oneself by putting out a sought-after goal and then consistently working hard until we’ve reached it.

But, let’s not forget the celebration afterwards. It’s those you’re surrounded with that share your joy for what you’ve done that makes that party special.