When we commit to a practice – there are so many benefits for us it’s difficult to list them all. But, I can try.

I used to believe creativity comes in the form of a spontaneous gust of wind carrying a lottery ticket across the skies until the lucky son of a bitch catches it in her outstretched hand.

Nowadays, I subscribe to a much less whimsical idea of cultivating creativity, but also much more reliable: putting in the work.

When we show up consistently day after day to hone our craft, we check many boxes including; consistency, repetition, the idea of moving our feet, risking on a regular basis, staving off procrastination, gaining confidence, finding one’s voice and getting closer to something that’s brilliant.

If we consider the 70-20-10 Creativity Rule: 70% of everything we make is mediocre, 20% is garbage and 10% is brilliant, then we might want to continue to produce as much as possible in order to get to the good stuff.

What others view as capturing “Lightning In A Bottle” is nothing short of a life-long commitment to showing up and facing our fears on a daily basis in order to create what’s important to us out of nothing.

That takes courage in my opinion. And it takes a practice.