I received letters and cards from my children on Father’s Day and I couldn’t have been filled with more Love and gratitude.

They were so very generous with their compliments and depiction of me as their father. My role as a father is something I didn’t quite realize the magnitude of it’s importance on me until reading those words from my adult children.

Let’s be real, I’m by no means the perfect father. I’m fully aware of that, but what struck me while reading their words was how it would seem my intention of who I’ve been working to be for the last 27 years seemed to get through to them and they have been able to benefit from it. Or at least appreciate my efforts.

The purpose of this particular post is not to toot my own horn, but rather reflect on why we – including me – can’t share our feelings of Love and kindness with those we care deeply about more often. Why must we wait until Christmas? A birthday? Or any another significant event to say what is special about that person and why you Love them. Why?

I’m not sure. But, I can tell you the connections you will make are worth it.