Everyone likes receiving gifts. I think. I do. I especially like surprise gifts. When someone says to me, “I have a gift for you,” and it’s not even my birthday or Christmas or any other holiday. I get really excited. I realize that makes me sound boring, but it’s true. Or they say, “I know it’s not anything big, but I thought of you and I got you a little something.” I get giddy. For more than one reason: First of all, it’s not really about what the gift is in the end. It’s the thought. The effort. It’s the fact that this person actually took time out of their day in lieu of all they have going on in it and purchased this item because they thought it would bring me joy. Because they had a billion other choices they could have made in that moment but they pulled money our of their wallet or purse to spend on me. That’s really neat. I know I’m sounding really hokey right now, but it’s true.

If we can all find pleasure and appreciation for the small things in life then our big world may not seem quite so scary and overwhelming at times. It might just bring you some joy. A smile. Or dare I say . . . some laughter.

You want to get real crazy? Go out of your way today and buy, create or give someone you care about or don’t even know a gift. Tell them you were thinking about them when you saw it. Look them in the eyes and connect with them when you say those words. See how they react.

Maybe the best gift you receive is from the gift you just gave away.