Are you able to look around your world as if it’s the first time. I know it’s nearly impossible, but I try to do my best to never take any views for granted. Whether it’s a raucous rain storm, a night time skyline of the downtown skyscrapers, a blue sky with wispy white clouds or the wind bending a tree’s branches as it scatters its leaves across the ground.

It’s easy enough to brush it off and return to the computer screen as I have done countless times in the past. Although, sometimes I can get caught staring at the snow covered mountains or a hawk gliding in the ether. It is these times when I begin to notice small nuances of color changes in the foliage on the ground or patterns in the shapes of the foothills I didn’t notice before. Then a humming bird hovers three feet in front of me just outside my window or I hear the screech of a hawk as I stand in a clearing. It’s almost like the more you observe with all of your senses, the more you begin to notice.

If you close your eyes for an extended period of time, I’m always surprised at how vibrant the colors are when you open them again. If I could teach these eyes to see the world we live in as if it’s the first time, I would be a happy man. Or I can just appreciate the view and not take it for granted.