There is nothing inherently wrong with judgement. As I understand it to mean, it is forming an opinion about something or someone. The latter is what I want to focus on. In today’s world, “judgement” is a pretty nasty word. With social media in full throttle we are able to form opinions about others quite often throughout the day and be able to post those opinions or judgements for others to see. Quite often by the person we are judging. And much of these “evaluations” are negative. It’s fairly risk-free to write less than stellar remarks about someone behind the anonymity of a computer/device screen.

I believe fear is one of the reasons people engage in that type of activity. Fear can take many forms: jealousy, resentment, hatred, anger, anxiety, stress, worry, doubt and on and on. There is a never-ending list which I will not get into any further. And for me, fear is a choice. Not the type of fear you feel when you’re standing on the edge of a 50 story building, but the type of fear you choose to indulge in because you are more uncomfortable and it takes a greater effort to build someone up rather than tear them down. It’s a shortcut. It’s like shot of morphine in the arm (not that I’ve ever done that). It’s a quick fix. And we become addicted to that response to the point where we don’t even know we’re doing it.

The opposite of fear is Love. That takes courage and it is a choice as well. Believe you me, I don’t choose that path every time, but when I do, I never regret it.

Always choose Love. Always.