Do you have to have a master’s degree, a best-selling book or sold “X” amount of albums to be legitimate – to be a force – to be heard? I’m not sure. My instincts tell me no.

I have seemed to pick up extremely valuable advice and tidbits of gold that I have been able to apply quite successfully in many different aspects of my life from “regular ole folk.” It resonated with me, so I kept it. And used it. It meant something. I was able to mentally articulate it so that it made sense to me.

Maybe I asked this question because there is a part of me that believes you do need a degree. Then again, the areas of my life where I have the deepest well of knowledge has come from living life. Not a piece of paper or a target number or any other accolade.

It’s a perspective I’ve gained by committing to the process. Caring. Refining. Growing. And Loving.

Deciding to evolve.