Renaissance man, Jack of All Trades, Utility Player, Multi-Talented . . . . For whatever reason in my household those names had a negative connotation and I’m not sure why. Even though my Father was a staunch proponent of being a multi-sport athlete. So much so, that was exactly what I was through high school.

However, when it came to other roles in life, such as work and my career, I got the sense I needed to focus on one and only one profession. Often times, as we do as young adults, we try to please our parents instead of listening to the small quiet voice within us that points us in a direction that doesn’t follow the logical steps our parents’ have laid out for us.

Ehh, whatcha gonna do? I chose to listen to the small quiet voice. How else do you end up in L.A? Anyway, as I got older, I began to relish and respect my different interests. And I cultivated them. Developed them. Whether it’s music, Meditation, Writing, etc. I accept them as different aspects of who I am. This isn’t some great revelation, I know, but for me it’s validation for who I am as a person, father, husband, brother, son, friend, artist and more. I accept all of these as part of who I am. I used to believe, “Jack of all trades, master of jack$#!+, but I don’t believe that any more. I can have various roles to jump into when I feel as such and it all nourishes me.

And for that I’m not cynical, I’m grateful.