What I’m referring to here is when someone tells you they are going to do something and the back it up by following through. They gave you their word that they were going to connect with you the next day. . . and they did. I remember one time when I went to visit my friend who was at NYU at the time. He was working on his thesis project and I came to help him. During that time I met some of his friends and had a lot of time to hang out and talk. One of his friend’s and I hit it off and at the end of the day he said he would give me a call. Living in Los Angeles, I took it to mean that he enjoyed our time getting to know one another and at some point in time maybe our paths will cross again. But, who knows. What I didn’t think it meant was that he was going to call me the next day. Guess what? He did. Alex is from the east coast. (I know this is a very blanket statement) I tend to find that people from the east coast say what they mean.

I like that. Everyone is not going to be your friend – I’m not saying that, but there is something solid about someone who keeps their word. You can rely on them. I have people in my life who say things and he and I BOTH know they’re not going to follow through with what they just committed to. No way! I don’t hang out with many people like that these days. I find it to be a way I don’t want to spend my time.

There are also people in my life that don’t really fit the mold of a person I want to do things with on a regular basis, but, they keep their word and somehow it makes up for other missing personality traits I would like to see. Go figure.

In the grand scheme of things, I feel like I can place my trust and direct my energy in people who keep their word and hold themself accountable more than people who don’t. It’s a small attribute, but it adds up.

And at my age, it’s enough for me to cultivate the relationship to see where it’s going. As I am pretty picky about who I spend my time with.