It’s a no-brainer for me: I would choose quality over quantity. But, it seems to me that today in our culture, more is always better. More money, more best-selling books, more followers, more subscribers, more likes, and on and on. I don’t necessarily believe that.

So, how does that translate in my life when it comes to day-to-day activities? I’m not exactly sure. If we’re talking about custom cabinetry, does that mean there is a singular focus on making the absolute perfect cabinet for one job. I’m not sure that cabinet shop would stay in business for very long as the minutes per cabinet would not be cost effective. Does it mean they build the cabinets to the best of their ability? Or do they spend a certain amount of time on each cabinet and no more to make sure they make a profit on the job?

I’m not sure. My instincts tell me it’s somewhere in between. This invisible line is where I find the most difficulty in making decisions in life whether it’s business or your personal life.

I do know this: If your intentions are true and you back that with “showing up” (doing the work), your chances of getting it right increase dramatically.